The problem with the polls isn’t necessarily the polls.  It is that the journalists that report on them and the public that reads about them cannot tell a good poll from a bad one.  Just as there are ways to identify good cars from bad cars and good computers from bad computers, etc., there are ways to distinguish good polls from bad ones.  Unfortunately, as Professor Ornstein points out, the bad one are the ones most likely to get attention- sort of like students in a classroom.

The Use and Misuse of Polls

Posted by celmoreblog

A.B.D. in Political Science from the University of Kansas, 1997 M.A. in Political Science from KU in 1995, Summa Cum Laude B.A. in Political Science and History from the University of Notre Dame in 1993, Magna Cum Laude Valedictorian at Rockhurst High School, 1989

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