“#41” by The Dave Matthews Band

“#41” by The Dave Matthews Band

August 24, 2018 0 By CPE

Come and see, I swear by now I’m playing time against my troubles.

Oh, I’m coming slow, but speeding.

Do you wish a dance? 

And while I’m in the front, the play on time is won.

Oh, but the difficulty’s coming here.

I will go in this way and find my own way out.

I won’t tell you to begin, but I’m coming to much more.


All at once, the ghosts come back, reeling in you now.

Oh, what if they came down crushing?

Remember when I used to play

for all of the loneliness that nobody notices now.

I’m begging slow, I’m coming here. 

Only waiting,

I wanted to stay.

I wanted to play.

I wanted to love you.

I’m only this far.

And only tomorrow leads the way.

I’m coming waltzing back and moving into your head.

Please, I wouldn’t pass this by.

Oh, I wouldn’t take any more than.

What sort of man goes by?

I will bring water.

Why won’t you ever be glad?

It melts into wonder.

I came in praying for you.

Why won’t you run into the rain and play and let tears splash all over you?