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  • How to Sound Confident When Calling a Girl You Like February 25, 2020
    As women we have been socially conditioned to not make the first move. You are taught how to flirt or play coy, but actually asking someone out was never your job. For straight women, this remains the reality. Countless men will pursue you if you are a woman, so you’ll never make the first move. […]
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 and Everything that Happened February 24, 2020
    SPOILER ALERT, for anyone who hasn’t already seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 3. Everyone’s favorite 1950s housewife from the Upper West Side is back for a whopping eight episodes in season 3! It’s worth mentioning that Amazon prime’s hit show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season two won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. […]
  • Perfect Everyday Brow in 5 Minutes February 24, 2020
    In this video I will be showing you how to achieve the perfect everyday brow using two simple tricks. For this look you will need a spooly, concealer, lip brush, and whatever product you use to apply to apply your eyebrows. Wether you use a pencil or a pomade you will be able to achieve […]
  • 27 Free-Spirited Quotes to Inspire Your Next Adventure February 22, 2020
    We all learned from Up that “adventure is out there.” While we can’t all attach balloons to our house and fly away, we can still find ways to have adventures. Sometimes that means staying home and having new experiences in your career or self development. But you can also go explore the world and live […]
  • 27 Inspirational Quotes about Breakups to Get Your Past Your Ex February 21, 2020
    There is no easy way to say it: breakups suck! Whether you and your beau broke up on good terms or in a fiery rage, watching someone important leave you life can be world shattering. There are plenty of ways to cope with a break up: cry, eat some ice cream, watch Titanic, cry some […]
  • 7 Great Movies of Witches That Never Made It Mainstream February 20, 2020
    Some of the best movies of witches may have flown below your broomstick radar. These are witchy times we live in. There is a surge of interest in witches almost every decade and an interest in the occult is on the rise. Witches represent women’s growing power and are representative of many feminist ideals and […]
  • Most Anticipated New Releases on Netflix (Spring of 2020) February 19, 2020
    If you are like me, you live for Netflix. The last season of Bojack Horseman? Awesome. The friendships in Grace and Frankie? Adorable. Queer Eye? More like Queer Eye would love to binge this show for twelve straight hours. But Spring is a time of change, and with that change comes new releases on Netflix. […]
  • How To Represent Yourself Through Fashion February 19, 2020
    Your clothes tell your story, how you feel and think. They express your mood and lifestyle. Your clothes connect your mind and body. To be authentic, you must dress to look like yourself. It’s easier said than done. You’ll find that it’s difficult to find the right clothes, which truly reflect your personality. Style helps […]
  • 11 Things You Should Never Do If You Run Into Your Ex on the Beach February 17, 2020
    Seeing an ex after a breakup can be a struggle. Maybe you hate them, maybe you are not over them yet. But no matter what, we all hit that point when we accidentally run into our ex post-breakup. What do you do if you run into your ex on the beach of all places? We […]
  • Is Vaping Still Cool? And will Banning Vapes Help? February 14, 2020
    While many people may have strong affirmations on whether they agree with vaping or not, the general public remains split. After the numerous hospitalizations of teenagers starting last summer due to vaping, regulation around it tightened, while conversation spread. The possibility of banning vaping became popularized after last years outbreak. Now we are all wondering, […]