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  • 5 Tips To Help You Unlock Your Hair’s Potential January 17, 2020
    Many people consider their hair to be their crowning glory. Especially for ladies, the condition of their hair is crucial in dictating their overall look. Maintaining a specific volume can be achieved through blow dryers and other hair products, and while this can make your hair look good during the day, the key to unlocking […]
  • 13 Amazing Thrift Stores in NYC You Won’t Find in Tourist Guides (That You Have to See) January 16, 2020
    Allow us to help you become the fashion connoisseur. Thrift stores in NYC are the best way for fashionistas to find their hidden gems with extra money in their pocket for the train. New York City is the home for fashion and whether you’re all about streetwear, business chic, athleisure or the full-on slay, this […]
  • All the Foods of NYC You Have to Try on Your First Visit January 15, 2020
    New York is a utopia of cuisine; you can eat Thai, french, Chinese, Mexican, Ethiopian and that is just on one block. With the city’s food diversity choosing a place to eat seems like an impossibility. Not to mention all the foods that originated in New York, and make up its distinct culinary history. For […]
  • Top Ten Fish Bowl Drinks You Can Only Find in NYC January 14, 2020
    Fish bowls are not just for the beach but are found year-round here in NYC. New Yorkers love their trendy cocktails. PHD Terrace is popular for its 10 pounds, 165 ounces shareable Moscow Mules, FYI. For the summer of 2018, seasonal bar Watermark offered fish bowl cocktails in blue porcelain mermaid cups. It was major. […]
  • Interview with Fashionologist Ania Schwartzman January 13, 2020
    What’s a Fashionologist you ask? Well, Fashionologist is a unique blend of an experienced psychologist with a devoted fashion lover. There is no doubt that fashion holds great power over your self-confidence, success or empowerment. Fashionologist Ania Schwartzman Psy.D is one of a kind. Ania helps her clients create a personalized wardrobe that seamlessly aligns […]
  • The NATbyJ New Year Resolutions January 9, 2020
    The start of 2020 is coming and you want to make sure you start the New Year right and do it with NATbyJ by your side. At this time of the year, start making your New Year’s resolution and NATbyJ hopes to part of your 2020. One common New Year’s resolution is to be on […]
  • 15 Best Porn Movies for Shy Girls January 9, 2020
    There is no better R&R than taking time for yourself – preferably in bed with a vibrator. And what better way to enhance your “me” time than with a little pornography. But not everyone finds pornography comfortable, so here are some easy ways to get started if you are shy, so you can find the best […]
  • 9 Things You Absolutely Have to See in NYC Chinatown January 8, 2020
    Chinatown is an absolute must see neighborhood in NYC. In Chinatown, you can experience some of the best of Chinese-American culture and you won’t need a passport! Plus, NYC Chinatown is one of the cheapest neighborhoods, so you can dine and shop without breaking your NYC bank. Chinatown is brimming with Shanghai Flair and on […]
  • How to Darken the Roots for Ombre on Blond Hair January 7, 2020
    Trying to achieve the perfect ombre hairstyle presents many problems, especially for those of us who can’t afford to go to a salon. According to Good House Keeping 43 million women in the United States have dyed their hair in the past six months. But what is the best way to get ombre on blond […]
  • How to Get Your Dream Body January 7, 2020
    Self-love is so important and ideally we already love ourselves. (If not, we should!) That being said… there is always room to improve and allow ourselves to feel and look better and healthier.  Below we found some ways to get your dream body and be more confident overall:  Look back at it  Confidence begins with […]