The Far Side by Gary Larson

  • While the world is absorbed by the coronavirus, China’s nominal legislature decided take away any doubts about Hong Kong independent “special status.” Protestors are now …
  • Here's my new "back to school" cartoon. This isn't the "back to school" time of year, but there is a lot of news now about when and how schools will reopen with the coronavirus still raging … Everyone tells me that I should post my messy rough sketches online. I'm told that this shows I'm […]
  • Every state is starting to open up from their shelter-in-place orders. President Trump is insisting that states open faster, threatening to override the decisions of governors. The quarantining at home has taken a heavy toll on regular folks, which is the topic of my cartoon.
  • Congratulations to Steve Sack who has the most popular cartoon of the week and two cartoons in the Top Ten! Bob Englehart also impresses with two of the most popular cartoons. Kudos go to the other cartoonists on the list, Dave Granlund, Dave Fitzsimmons, Bruce Plante, Jeff Koterba, Bill Day and RJ Matson. Eight of […]
  • Here's my Trump taking hydroxychloroquine cartoon, a couple of days late but this topic seems to have legs. And here's the rough sketch …
  • For today's BLAME CHINA installment we have four cartoons from Luojie, our CagleCartoonist from Beijing who draws for The China Daily, China's state owned, national English language newspaper – and four cartoons not by Luojie.
  • This is part three of a collection of my favorite coronavirus Grim Reaper cartoons. The Reaper (or "Death" for short) is a standard cliché for editorial cartoonists; he is a character that belongs to every cartoonist, like, Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty and the donkey and elephant …
  • Here are the ten most popular cartoons of the week (May 9 -May 16). The big winner this week is Jeff Koterba of The Omaha World …