“Burning” by The War on Drugs

“Burning” by The War on Drugs

March 10, 2018 0 By CPE

“How you been? You looking back?

You tried to change your burning boat,

until you realized what you were up against.

I spent all those nights just trying to take you home,

’til you released me.”

“Cross the bridge to redefine your pain.

Then the answer is in your heart.

Wide awake, I rearrange the way I listen in the dark,

dreaming of starting up again.”

“So if you look, you’ll find yourself.

You’re not the demon in the dark.

That you and I, yea we’d been through that.

Can you rectify all the time it took you away from choosing?”



“So as you find yourself flying high up there.

When you release me from your heart again (woo!).”

“I’m just a burning man trying to keep the ship from turning over again.”


“Cross the rich derivative of pain, crush the burning in your heart.

Wide awake to redefine the way you listen in the dark, dreaming, of starting again.

Like a stranded kid in a doorway.

Just burning.Yeah we turn the light in.”