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  • 7 Reasons Everyone Should Know Their Compatible Signs December 12, 2019
    You know the adage, what’s your sign? Even if you don’t put much stock in astrology, you should know what your compatible signs are. Astrology for the past three years has been a booming part of the wellness industry. Millennials consume their horoscopes like they do their daily vitamins. The signs help direct people in their self-improvement […]
  • The CBD Benefits Backed By Science December 11, 2019
    When you search the Internet for the benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol, you’re sure to find many. There is a multitude of resources speaking on the benefits that cannabidiol is sure to give, especially with its rise in popularity. But, as you may have already known, with anything, you can’t just believe in everything that […]
  • 13 Best NYC Thrift and Vintage Stores You Have to See December 10, 2019
    NYC has some of the best thrift and vintage stores to satisfy your sartorial desires. Thrifting is as much a pastime for New Yorkers as brunch. If you want to spruce up your wardrobe or are looking for some unique pieces, then this article is tailored for you. Thrifting is a way to find secondhand […]
  • The Top 10 List of NYC Arcade Places (Rated by the Locals) December 9, 2019
    Surprisingly, video game arcades are still a thing , and NYC has some bomb arcades to explore. The golden age of video arcade games happened between the years 1978-1984. (Bummer, before my time.) With the rise of online gaming, apps, and consoles, video game arcades gradually have become a dying breed. However, some people like […]
  • Who’s Rickey Thompson ? ( and Why Should You Care) December 6, 2019
    Don’t feel old, it’s okay if you had to Google Rickey Thompson. If you are of the generation Z crowd, then Rickey Thompson might already be on your radar. You might have seen one of his dancing Instagram posts. If not, we are going to remedy that situation, and tell you why you should jump […]
  • 7 Most Famous Foods of New York City (and Where to Get Them) December 5, 2019
    Only got a few hours to spend in the city? Well we’ve got you covered in the food department. New York City is known for its food and variety of it. With only a few hours in the city, you need to make sure you know where you are going. Here are the seven most […]
  • 9 NYC Slang Words with Interesting Meanings December 4, 2019
    Most people are familiar with New York City slang words. It’s no surprise that our big city phrasing trickles down the pipeline to the rest of the country. NYC is a major trendsetter. (Que Alicia Keys’ “New York.”) The English language because of its Germanic and Dutch roots, if often considered the language with one […]
  • 7 of the Best Food Tours in NYC You Have to Try December 2, 2019
    You can eat your way through NYC though some amazing food tours that the city has to offer.  New York City is a self-proclaimed food capital of the world. Food tours are a great way for both locals and tourists to experience new neighborhoods and culinary experiences from a guide who has privileged foodie insight. Some […]
  • What to Do in New York City’s Little Italy? November 30, 2019
    There are many exciting things to do and see in New York City’s Little Italy.  Little Italy refers to a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan that was once home to millions of Italian immigrants. Today, Little Italy is comprised to a four-block span. It is neighbored by Chinatown and Nolita. Sophia Loren said it before it […]
  • Where to Find the Best Street Crepes in NYC November 27, 2019
    New York loves its crepes. What’s not to love about the French skinny pancake usually covered in Nutella and powdered Sucre? If you’re more of the savory ilk than perhaps your kryptonite is crepes filled with jambon et fromage. Crepes as street food are super affordable and filling. Not to mention in a city with […]