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  • Best Brow Products for Your Hair Color December 11, 2018
    Many people believe that certain eyebrow products are for everyone. We’re here to tell you that’s not true. Different hair colors deserve different products. Once you’ve found your perfect shade, you’ll never want to use any other product. These are the best eyebrow products for your specific shade.  For Blonde Hair If you have naturally […]
  • Can Microblading Put You At Risk For HIV? December 11, 2018
    Microblading is a hot, new beauty trend gaining popularity across the country. The process involves using a needle or blade to create tiny cuts in and around the brow line. These areas are then filled in with pigment to add more definition and fullness to the eyebrows. The procedure lasts a few minutes and is […]
  • Benefit Brow Bar Might Just Change Your Life December 10, 2018
    Do you need a quick brow service that’ll have you looking good without spending tons of money? Then you need to go to a Benefit Brow Bar. If you’re not familiar with Benefit Cosmetics, the brand provides various products to give you the perfect brow. From full brows to natural, there’s a product and service […]
  • Songs About Ch-ch-ch-changes December 10, 2018
    As of now, there are three weeks and one day left of 2018. Frankly, no one ever knows how time creeps up on us so quickly and one thought-out-loud question you’ll often hear at this time of the year is, “how did this happen?” How it happened isn’t for me to answer. I dropped physics […]
  • What Do Professionals Really Think About Microblading? December 10, 2018
    As many a Kardashian-Jenner has more or less declared, we’re living in the age of the thick, dark and lustrous brow. Gone are the days of the tweezers, pencil-thin brows of 90s-era Drew Barrymore, and hello to the au-natural look of Cara Delevingne, right? (Well…we’ll get to that later.) But, while the thick brow might […]
  • Weekend Sexoscope: December 7th-9th December 7, 2018
    Aries (March 21-April 19) Aries, you’re getting really bored in your romantic relationship and the energetic new moon on the 7th isn’t helping your situation at all. This weekend, opt to do something outside with your partner. Staying in motion is extremely important for your relationship right now, so staying inside and watching reruns of The […]
  • Hot Yoga Is the Key to Staying Warm This Winter December 7, 2018
    As I mentioned in the winter fitness article, my friend and I got hooked on hot yoga two winters ago. While hot yoga is practiced year-round, it’s more appealing to some people in the winter, rather than in the summer. I took another friend to a hot yoga class this past summer, and she nearly […]
  • Must-Watch Netflix Movies That’ll Get You in The Holiday Spirit December 7, 2018
    With the holidays in full-swing, snow falling and a palpable chill in the air, what sounds better than staying in, cuddling up with a glass of wine and watching a Christmas movie? If you ask us? Nothing. And, luckily — because it’s 2018 and all — we have dozens of holiday movies right at our […]
  • 16 Hotties Share Their Secrets of How to Feel Sexy December 6, 2018
    NYGal believes that feeling sexy and confident is the key to success. And, everyone finds their sexiness in different ways! So, we decided to ask the public what makes them feel their sexiest. Hopefully, these answers will help you embrace your sexy! Lauren, 27 Having been by myself for so long, it’s taken a lot […]
  • The Ultimate Holiday Events to Attend In NYC December 6, 2018
    New York City in December is truly a sight to see. It’s full of holiday spirit, festive cheer and more than enough events to keep you entertained. Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, you’ll be able to get into the spirit and truly have a blast in the city during these cold months. From light […]


October 24, 2018 0

The New York Women’s Foundation Combats Inequality

By celmoreblog

Inequality will not disappear overnight. It probably won’t disappear at all. But, this does not mean that we must accept the things as they are. We should speak out and vote. But, we should also become engaged. If you want to engage your “radical generosity,” check out the New York Women’s Foundation. Your community and your conscience will both appreciate the effort.