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  • What FiveThirtyEight Staff Will Be Looking For During The Debates June 26, 2019
    Unlike The New York Times, we were not able to get 21 candidates to come into our studio so we could ask them 18 questions. So instead, we did the next best thing. We reached out to ourselves to ask one question: What are we going to be on the lookout for during the first […]
  • We’re Tracking Who Did Well (And Poorly) In The First Democratic Debates June 26, 2019
    The best measure we normally have for who “won” a debate is polling that simply asks respondents that question — “Who do you think won?” But candidates don’t enter the debates on equal footing; some are more popular or better known than others. To really understand who was helped or hurt by their debate performance, […]
  • What We’re Watching For In The First Democratic Debates June 26, 2019
    Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s weekly politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited. sarahf (Sarah Frostenson, politics editor): The first Democratic primary debates are finally here. And with two back-to-back nights, featuring 10 candidates each, it’ll be a challenge for many candidates to make an impression, especially those hovering around 1 percent in the polls. […]
  • We’re Hiring A Visual Journalist To Cover Sports, The 2020 Election And More June 25, 2019
    FiveThirtyEight’s graphics and interactives team is growing! We’re looking for a savvy visual journalist to contribute to daily graphics production, collaborate on deeply reported stories and help develop our “big swing” interactives. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with new ways to visualize NBA standings, design for cutting-edge sports statistics or think big about data-driven […]
  • Tiebreakers Could Decide Who Makes The Second Democratic Debates June 25, 2019
    This week, all eyes are on the first Democratic presidential debates, which feature 20 candidates, 10 each on Wednesday and Thursday. Here at FiveThirtyEight, we’re already looking ahead to who will make the stage in the second set of debates, taking place next month. According to our research, things might get complicated: 21 candidates have […]
  • Cory Booker Is Trailing In The Polls, But Some Democratic Activists Really Like Him June 25, 2019
    The first Democratic primary debates are nearly here, but the early-state Democratic Party activists I’m interviewing for my book on the future of the party are still largely undecided. Three more activists have committed to supporting just one candidate, but what struck me in this latest round of surveys was that some of the candidates […]
  • Politics Podcast: Are Lanes Emerging In The Democratic Primary? June 24, 2019
    The first Democratic primary debates are scheduled for later this week, but the candidates are already butting heads. Joe Biden’s comments about his past work with segregationists in the U.S. Senate earned him strong pushback from Cory Booker, and Bernie Sanders appeared to be taking a jab at Elizabeth Warren when he tweeted an article […]
  • Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Was Mentioned Most In The News Last Week? June 24, 2019
    For the past six weeks the top five most-mentioned candidates in our weekly summaries of cable news coverage have been Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. Last week, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker broke into that top group — his name appeared in 12 percent of CNN, MSNBC and Fox […]
  • What We Know About The Impact Of Primary Debates June 24, 2019
    The first Democratic primary debate is almost here. We’ve heard a lot about the rules for who makes the stage, but will these debates actually affect how Democratic primary voters make their decision who to vote for, or how they evaluate the candidates? Political science tends to be skeptical of general election debates. The people […]
  • Politics Podcast: What’s At Stake In The Final Week Of Supreme Court Decisions June 21, 2019
    The Supreme Court is scheduled to wrap up its current term next week, and key decisions on partisan gerrymandering and the census have yet to be released. In this installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux and Galen Druke discuss trends in Supreme Court rulings so far and what’s at stake in the remaining […]

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