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June 9, 2019 0

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Sinead O’Connor


“Through their own words, they will be exposed. They’ve got a severe case of, the emperor’s new clothes.”

June 2, 2019 0

“Loose Ends” by Bruce Springsteen


“It’s like we had a noose and baby, without check, we pulled until it grew tighter around our necks. Each one waiting for the other, darlin’, to say when. Well baby you can meet me tonight on the loose end.”

June 1, 2019 0

“Round Here” by Counting Crows


I said, “I’m under the gun…” Round here. Oh, man, I said, “I’m under the gun…” Round here. And I can’t see nothin’, nothin’. Round here.

May 27, 2019 0

“I Fought In A War” by Belle and Sebastian


“I fought in a war and I left my friends behind me to go looking for the enemy, and it wasn’t very long before I would stand with another boy in front of me. And a corpse that just fell into me, with the bullets flying round.”