“Circadian Rhythm” by Son Volt

“Circadian Rhythm” by Son Volt

June 22, 2019 0 By CPE

I can’t stand any more decisions.

Blind spot of a lifetime this litter
Pretty fingers on the phone
Nonviolent grace, this religion
No one wants to be alone

Reclaim the rust that northern birds take
It like a song that in their feet
Bandeloro on the radio
Take a little time on Cherokees street

Chaos and precision with a smile
Sipping soma in the shade
Thoughts for the plane with brown eyes waiting
Guitar, careless whirlwind, belief gets made

Carrying on so far under the cross
Manifestos to keep us sane
The time is so weary of conflict
Silent answers, silent blame

I can’t stand any more decisions
I can’t stand any more decisions